Easy One Click Upsell Setup to Optimize Your WooCommerce Funnel


Every eCommerce business owner is looking to increase sales. From complex marketing strategies to conversion rate optimization & other on-site improvements, many online store owners focus on earning more customers for their shop. However, they forget one simple thing – the easiest sale to make is to someone already buying! Upselling involves selling an upgrade or additional product to someone who has already bought something from you. As part of the post-checkout process, creating a one-click upsell offer makes it easy to increase your average sale, resulting in more profit for you. In the following guide, we’ll go over how… Read More →

by Bogdan in Sales Funnels

3 ClickFunnels Alternatives for WordPress


ClickFunnels has developed a reputation as a powerful tool online businesses can use to drive sales. It’s an easy-to-use platform through which you can generate various pages in your funnel. Yet, at a whopping $300 a month (or $3,600 annually), the cost of the tool is driving many eCommerce store owners to seek alternatives that are friendlier to their budgets. The good news is that there are viable ClickFunnels alternatives for WordPress that can deliver the same results – for a fraction of the price. Why Do I Need to Build Funnels? The word “funnel” is widely used in sales… Read More →

by Bogdan in Sales Funnels